Depot antipsychotics: If you pay me, you can keep injecting me

This recent paper by Priebe and colleagues (2016) provides follow-up data from an original trial which explored the impact of paying service users to receive their depot of long-acting injectable antipsychotic (LAI).

The original study can be found here , or if you prefer you can read my Mental Elf blog which discusses the findings.

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It can be an incentive, to people with really low awareness about their situation, but ethically it raises some problems for me… Sure many of the schizophrenic population living on the low end of the economic tissue would benefit from some extra money on their pocket (and of course, from taking medication, being this one more reason not to quit it), but it ends up seeming like an allowance for compliance with something that, ultimately, can be of benefit to them, like what parents do with children.

I think if someone accepts the depot just because of the money they should get help on many other levels than this…

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Free money yayyyyyyyyy