Depersonalization / Derealization

Does anyone else experience frequent depersonalization / derealization? I’m having a bad moment where I can’t seem to get a grasp on my location and feel as if I’m kind of in a bubble of sorts. It was really terrifying to feel the couch I’m sitting on shake, even though I found out it was just the dryer running. Everything feels smaller and more compact. I’m half convinced I might not be myself anymore, and I’m trying to avoid going to the mirror to check like my paranoia wants me to.

That’s just the current break with reality. :frowning: Normally, I feel no attachment to old photos of me. I have no memories of my childhood, and my memories of my teenage years are barely there. Only factual information. No emotion to speak of. I’m convinced I didn’t really exist prior to where my memories begin, even though there are clear photos of me at multiple stages of my life so far. It feels like I just poofed into existence at about 13.

I wanted to know if anyone else experiences this often and what you do to cope with it if you do?

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Closest thing I can remember is a long time ago everything looked pixelated and I felt like I was in a video game. Didn’t last that long though was a weird experience. Also when I was a little psychotic I felt like something entered my body. The religious part of me called that the holy spirit. It made me feel small and insignificant like it was much greater than me.