Dentist Appointment Today

I have a dentist appointment today at 3:00pm. It’s my first dentist appointment in over 2 years.

My disability provides for 1 dental appointment/year but last year I didn’t want to go because of Covid. I know they disinfect the equipment but the thought of having all their instruments in my mouth when the virus was peaking worried me too much so I cancelled my appointment last year.

I’ve been vaxxed so I’m not as concerned anymore. I just hope my teeth are still in good condition after not being to the dentist in such a long time. I brush my teeth every day and I’m not having any problems with my teeth that I am aware of, but they’ll probably be picking at my teeth for an extra long time due to plaque/tartar buildup.


Haha haha.

Sorry. The Rona sh-it.


I hate the waterpik that they use as my teeth and gums are really sensitive. If you have sensitive gums/teeth you can ask them to lower the pressure on electric scaler or just ask them to hand scale. That’s what I do but yeah having someone poking around in your mouth for like an hour is annoying.


I hope the dentist visit isn’t too bothersome! I hope it’s easy peasy; no pain.

When there’s pain at the dentist, that’s no fun at all. Very unpleasant.

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Hope your dentist visit goes good. This year I had to have a lot of dental work done (oral surgery for wisdom teeth and removal of some bad teeth) I don’t want to go again for a long time! But I will go for Cleanings now when they say I should. My dentist is really nice

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Yeah, that is what my appointment is for, a cleaning. They’ll probably take x-rays and give me a fluoride treatment too. After 2 years I hope they don’t find any problems. My disability only covers 1 appointment a year so if I have to come back for more work I have to pay for it myself.

So I just got back from the dentist. After 43 years I have my first cavity and my teeth are a little stained from all the tea I drink. This sucks, I always had good teeth. No braces, my wisdom teeth are fine, never had a problem before. Oh well, something bad was bound to happen eventually, getting older sucks.

I have another appointment on Monday to fix the cavity. My disability only covers 1 dentist visit per year so does anyone know how much it costs in Ontario, Canada to fix a cavity. The dentist said I don’t need anything frozen?

Well I am off to the dentist to get my cavity filled. I don’t know what to expect. The dentist said it doesn’t need to be frozen so no needle which is good. I hope it doesn’t hurt or cost to much.

I had my dentist appointment today.
2nd new filling. I have 9

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Just got back. Went well. They didn’t have to freeze anything, they just did whatever they do with cavities. There was a touch of sensitivity at one point but nothing intense, and no pain.

Bonus! Didn’t cost a thing, it was covered by disability.

The dentist is the same location I’ve gone to for years, but it’s an all new staff since I last went 2 years ago. New dentist, new hygienist, new secretary, but they were all very nice. I guess my old dentist sold her practice and moved on.

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Fillings are one of those things.

I hate them


They are better than not having them.

Glad it went well

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