Dental floss and Occam's Razor

So my dad buys a pack of dental floss, same ones I bought a month earlier. My first thought: oh, Dad bought same floss.
A day later, I use floss and my second thought: oh ■■■■! Dad is lacing my floss!
A few minutes later, my third and final thought: he probably used one of mine and liked it, therefore buying a pack of his own.

So the good thought should have came second, without the need for the shitty thought. This is my biggest problem now with the illness. These assumptions that I conjure in my head desperately disrupt everything. From running errands, working my sales job, meeting with friends, competing in sports, interacting with people, even just sitting by myself. These dumb dumb thoughts that seem to follow me everywhere. It might never leave, which is a shame, because I could do without it. Not the floss, it is plenty useful.

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I think the same way - shi**y way to live.

Were you diagnosed with OCD?

I was diagnosed with OCD my thoughts can be negative and obsessive.

I try to use some CBT, replacing negative thoughts with more positive realistic ones - it usually helps.

You might benefit from CBT.

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never dz with ocd but pretty sure I have some variant of it. cbt might help but finding the right therapist and everything sounds like a zoo. but thanks for the suggestion, may look into it… guessing it is out-of-pocket expenditure.

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