Dental abscess?

Hi everyone

Have you had a dental abscess removed

How was the procedure.

Was it OK.


How widespread was the abscess?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I had mouth polyps removed. The dr just anesthesized my mouth and just cut the hanging extra tissues with scissors lol

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An abscess requires a root canal and hopefully a crown on the tooth after.

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I think they will extract one or more teeth as the abscess sits under teeth/tooth that already have a crown. It’s my dad’s situation.

They extrated my teeth. I opted for that over a root canal.

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Same here. ALL teeth extracted now. Life so good.


I have most back teeth gone. Chewing is difficult

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That was me before July. My condolences.


I used to get abcesses all the time - they would never drill it tho, until i had a course of antibiotics.

Im a toothless git now - so dont have any problems :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the responses

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