Denouncing material life

Material life is required to fulfill our daily lives. The goods & services available to be purchased provides convenience for those who can afford it. I’m sorry but human civilization on this planet revolves around one’s buying power. That’s why the statement, “money makes the world go round” is true. Even as a citizen in your country @anon84628834 you would have income assistance from your government via disability money to survive on.


When you think it leads to your happiness, freedom and peace, i wouldn’t hold back. I planned myself to live on a 900 km long walk trail in our area. I still got it in my backmind. Maybe someday i do it, what is holding me back is my physical health and the regular medication i need to take. You can always go back rental, you are alone anyway as you say. I realise i can have happiness, freedom and peace at home and don’t need to physical do anything. I haven’t bought material things for awhile cause i don’t have funds. Due to that i get sometimes ideas what i might want to buy, like a musical instrument for example. I need to renew things i already got. An old halfbroken computer, clothes. I noticed myself i feel better travelling light.

Not really the same thing, but i get more obsessed with like living a “simpler” life, e.g. self sustained living - particularly recently looking deeper into aquaponics and permaculture and stuff is really cool to me

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You resonate a lot with me on this stuff. From not wanting anything to considering homelessness. (Have been temporarily before during psychosis while running away from people). But I think it’s part of negative symptoms. Nothing feels good, including material things. So I wish I can want things.

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Hello again

Like you said aripiprozole side effect is compulsive, impulsive behavior

I had to switch meds from arioiprozole because of this

You need to see your doctor and discuss these thoughts with him before doing something life changing

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