Denouncing material life

Well thats ok. We dont have to have exactly the same experience to say Ive witnessed differently and so have you as your saying that. I just thought it was interesting.

I think giving up material life as we know it has a charm to it, but maybe not if you live in a big city. But more the way that you move to a remote location and can live minimalistic like the way it’s portrayed in the documentary drama with Ben Fogle. He’s got series like “where the wild men are” and “New lives in the wild”. There are a few videos on youtube. You should check that out if you haven’t already.

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I view crap like this as further stigmatization. Don’t find that interesting.

Well thats your personal stance and I have to say I didnt consider it a stigma from my perspective. Sorry if you feel offended. I just read the study found it curious due to my own personal reasons. Given that I have and do know people who have these experiences and also were subject to extreme abuse. Also very deep beautiful persons I love.

I also wouldnt have mentioned it but came into my mind quickly for some reason so did. Maybe I will try and be slower next time I write a comment.

Based on my own experiences trying to escape town and travel with no home on multiple occasions, my own personal view is that the vast majority of people, that have some curiosity and desire to give up all their property and possessions and live homeless, would quickly regret their decision in a few weeks.

Extreme weather is particular nasty when homeless. So, unless your willing to go to shelters, which is basically like living in a temporary home anyways, most people will regret IMO.

I remember sleeping outside a drug store on a bench with a dirty blanket freezing to death. I remember sleeping in mud and rain. It was not a pretty experience.

The only reason I did such was because of psychosis compelling me to escape town and finally to go on a long trip to east coast to find my way to Mecca. It’s not a choice that I would make when I’m rational.


I think the studies I mentioned come under paranormal beliefs and a connection to PTSD. I have PTSD so just found it interesting to read about. But we’re all different. No offence intended.

I did, ever since I was a child. They would talk to me when going to bed and in the shower. they taught me how to take care of myself and how to wash myself. These were external voices when I was 5 years old until the age of 12, then they left. Only to return when I had a massive psychosis in later years. But different voices, more internal instead of external.


Do you mean you heard voices aged 5 yrs old to 12 yrs?

Are you male?

I don’t think you are representative of the average child abuse victim.

Yes I heard them talk between that age, outside of me. I am transgender, female now.

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Do you miss having company?

Is that the real reason your thinking about living homeless?

Yes I live a lone, and am lonely. Not only reason, it’s just I can’t stand where I live anymore. Find it difficult to stay in one spot and realizing: is this it? is this where I am supposed to be…

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My sister, who is a non schizophrenic, doesn’t become attached to material things. When she moved to Hawaii from California she got rid of everything she owned. A whole house load of stuff. She doesn’t care about keeping anything from our childhood or even momentos of my parents. She didn’t understand why I cared so much that I lost all my dads stuff that was all I had to remember him by. My stepmom gave me a children’s book from when we were 5 years old. I offered it to my sister first but she had no interest in it.

In my last few moves I’ve had to get rid of a lot of stuff. I mean a lot. I’m torn; on one hand it was cool having a lot of possessions. On the other hand, I’m alright with just owning a few things now.

You have itchy feet as it we’re lol

I understand completely i used to be like that, ive ran away before but i always had somewhere to go to ie a hostel.

We all just want you to be safe

Stay safe hun x

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I was the same way off meds, I had no possessions for years. I had a bag of clothes and usually a bike. If I stayed somewhere for a while I would accumulate a large pile of bikes that I would find abandoned. Sometimes I would have to escape a bad situation and the few possessions I had would be written off. I still have few possessions: clothes, a bed, a watch, 2 bikes, a computer, smartphone, ps4, ps5, some books and some pens and pencils. When I move out my parents will give me some furniture and the TV. That’s the extent of my physical property, which is more than I’ve ever had in my life.

Regarding the double bind as cause of psychosis, definitely would consider anything that causes significant stress to a person a trigger for psychosis in predisposed person. But in a normal healthy person I doubt a double bind could trigger psychosis.


Have you thought about a group home?

I think that might be good for you. I might be totally wrong however

Itchy feet and loneliness :sleepy:
I couldn’t live alone
Im just trying to help

Wish you all the best

That is an idea… not sure how I can do it.

Thank you for your help


I have this restlessness inside of me… maybe it is due to the meds aripriprazole, I am not sure. I know it can make the user go do gambling a lot, and I feel this as well as if I am constantly wanting to gamble with things, my life as well, wanting to move around and things like that and get new impulses. Find it hard to sit still in one place, feeling like I need to risk things in order to feel good.

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I also dont buy stuff anymore, and looking for a smaller appartement.
I dont see the use of owning a lot of things u dont use on a daily basis

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