Demon is coming

A demon told me he is coming soon. That scares me a lot. Is that a warning things will go bad again or can I ignore the ■■■■■■■? He told me with a demon voice through a woman.

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It just sounds like an auditory hallucination. How have things in general been with abilify? That sounds like it’s just a blip.

Abilify doesn’t take away voices. But I’m less stressed. I feel calm most of the time. i keep my head cool even when demons are threatening me.

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Keeping your cool is the best defense. It’s hard not to stress… but letting stuff like that pass and just knowing it might be a glitch helps keep the stress down.

If it keeps happening… then it’s time to contact the doc… but just a once in a while… for me… that’s usually my cross wired head short circuiting around.

maybe write stuff like this down and keep an eye on how much it happens… then you know if it’s a random thing… or if it’s related to a specific stress?


it’s good that you stay calm. you are miles ahead of me because even on my meds I can’t seem to keep my cool. I do child-like rationalizing with myself. in your situation I would think “maybe it’s a lazy demon, it probably won’t come for me until decades in the future” or “maybe it’s not going to do anything bad, maybe it will come to bring me pizza”. that probably won’t work for you, but just remember that everything will be okay, and the demon created by your brain probably has more bark than bite. hope you feel better and have a good day (: xx


That’s a good idea. Thank you. She has asked how often these things happen and I have no answer because I have no acess to my memory.

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You have to understand that Abilify is very bad for memory.

It was as bad with Flupentixol.
Are all meds like this?

Is she the demon that his voice came through? Is this voice different like on the outside of you?


She is not the demon. The voice just came from her. She did not even open her mouth. The voice is outside of me. It’s a dark male voice.

You do not need to worry about him then if he is on the outside of you. How often do you hear this voice or are aware of it being around you?


I dont think so. If its also with the other med, its probably not from that.

Every now and then. I heared him yell “Heil Hitler” in the other room a week ago or so. As I said, my memory fails me. I’ll write these things down. It’s good to show pdoc too how often this demon bothers me.

If I listen, I hear chatter all the time. But it’s in my head. Random pieces of words and scentances.

I’ve had years removed from my memory when I got my big psychotic episode in 2010. I can’t remember 2009-2012 at all. Not what happened, not who I met, or what I did. I remember stuff I did many many years ago but not what I did yesterday or a week ago.

It’s like my brain got damaged from the psychosis.

Pdoc says I have psychotic symptoms. I’ve been pre-psychotic several times but have been able to go back to normal with lots of sleeping pills and rest.

Abilify might be wrong med for me. She wants me on lithium. But that won’t take the voices away.

must be very scary

I use that 10StEP observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand to process to transcend mantra (see when the Voices start cranking up. But I have to rehearse it when I’m calm to be able to use it when I’m churned.

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demons are cowardly pieces of ■■■■.
send the ■■■■ to me;
dark sith,
grey lane ,
the dark void,
planet sith.
i destroy demons…bring it on demons come and get me .
i wil protect you Comatose.
take care :alien:


It is scary. But I try my best to not give up on life. Somehow I manage. Maybe bad memory is a good thing. I can’t remember the bad things either.