Dementia hurts

It’s a headache that can’t even think and has no relief.

Do you suffer from dementia?

Why are you bringing up dementia @PinCushion?

How was 61 we’re all demented.
But that’s actually a blessing because reality sucks right now.
I think the whole world is demented.
Just think happy thoughts and go to your happy place.
Wake me up when it’s 2021. :mask::boom::scream:

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@anon4362788 and @Wave Dementia praecox was my original diagnosis back in 1969. I was in my 20’s and was well aware that my thinking was disturbed. But I overcame it enough to live independently. I’m having a flashback now I think due to the stress of Covid19 and the news and all. Don’t worry. I’ll get a hold of it again. I think it’s just temporary. Thank you for caring. :+1:


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