Dementia at 11

This makes me feel better with my condition.

Poor soul. And what a strong mum.

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depressing 151515

Sad, yes depressing.

There’s always worse cases, healthy children and even healthy babies die everyday from poverty and war.


I know what you mean. Just the other day I saw a Pulitzer Prize winning photo of a 7 year old boy in Kenya who was starving to death. He was bent over in the dirt getting ready to lay down for the last time and there was a vulture a few feet behind him watching him intently, waiting.
When you see something like that it sure puts things in perspective and makes you realize there are millions of people around the world who have problems that are worse than schizophrenia.


I think to myself what if I get treatment resistant chronic psychosis highest dose clozapine etc etc zombified to the fullest. But I dont have that so I am happy about that.

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Just because someone else is struggling, doesn’t make your struggles any less valid or troublesome for you.


I’m not struggling as much as this young girl so that makes me feel some form of relief for myself.

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