Delusions of grandeur

I think my newest deal, the printing off of my artwork with vinyl themed art is going to really sell in record stores…I am currently not happy with how excited I am…it can’t be real…but, what if??? I could be discovered by my artwork in record stores…i d k.


we should talk, one store might sale 2 or three but if you sold it on amzon or ebay you might get hundreds but hey that my dad that got a car paid for by doing that. just a thought.

I haven’t been in a record store since about 2002.

Sometimes I have a hard time remembering that I’m not god.


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I didn’t know there were record stores anymore. Everything that sold vinyl or cds closed down around here, except for one FYE in a dead mall.

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They are quite common here…one in particular sells posters and is kind of like a large coffee shop.

We have one here. There are huge ones in Hollywood.

There are several record shops here and they are really popular. Always filled with customers, every time we go to one. One, in particular, always has a line out the door. I haven’t been inside that one, so I dunno why they are getting so much business, but they seem to be doing well. They have a line out the door almost every time I drive past there.

I think it’s OK for you to be excited. :slight_smile: I mean, even if you only sold a handful of prints, it must feel good to have your art hanging in someone else’s home, right?

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I think record stores are becoming popular again these days
Its like a trend


@Blossom yes !! it’s an honor to have my art in homes…makes me very happy…same with selling my book.


I got Amazon credit for Christmas and I have enough left for a vinyl record but I don’t know what to get. I bought sheets and a book by a girl on YouTube.

vinyl records are expensive which is why I don’t have a turntable or records…

I have delusions of grandeur about my photography. Sometimes I think I’ll make it into a museum someday but that’s highly unlikely.

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