Delusions of everything

Has anyone ever believed they are creating the universe? I’m mean everything - time space matter light meaning?

It’s ur delusion try to see if you can overcome the delusion with meds if the delusion is real to you try to change meds to get rid of it

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I did have a belief that every human is a god of their seperate reality that they create daily. That was awhile ago i thought about that.

But actually creating the entire universe literally? Probably not.

Symbolically maybe…

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It makes sense really cos psychosis is a disease of what you create in your mind from the information you perceive in the outside world. So if that goes wrong, you start to believe that you create everything you perceive. It sort of goes backwards

Sort of but not really. I think we live in a computer simulation/program that I had a very smart part in.

I once believed that I was God in an alien form existing out of the Universe, and I created it. Fight the delusion if you can. Good luck.

What if the only reality is what we experience with our senses? That everything outside of our senses is not there. Kinda like the question does the tree make a sound when it falls if nobody is there. Does anything exist if we are not there?

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