Delusions of being made to save the world

and being infatuated with myself. I really get tired of myself sometimes. Trying to impress myself with foolish fantasy. A normie is more loving.

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Most people fantasize at least a little bit. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Save the world :earth_americas: from what exactly?

I’m not worrying about it. It’s more like disgusted with myself.

Save the world from suffering.

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@chordy It’s Christmas :christmas_tree:. You should be having merry thoughts of the Winter season. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do have merry thoughts. That’s how I realize I’ve been a fool.

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I can relate to the wish I was more loving. I don’t feel much love and the meds I’m on probably make me more numb I dunno. Feel fear mostly trepidation anticipatory the what next to happen. Your not alone, try to relax if possible

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