Delusions I had since I was a child

So after watching a vlogger on YouTube talking about their delusions (not their main gig, makeup is, anyways) I started thinking about the delusions ive had since I was a kid that I didn’t realize I had as a kid, until like today. (Yeah I can be oblivious but I’m sure ive thought about it throughout my life, not as a delusion, (ok this is getting complicated, moving on))

Here they are!

I believed there were sky people watching us and controlling us since i was a child. Not god but actual giant beings and we we’re their experiment of some sorts. Idk when this one started exactly but probably when I was 12ish. And when they stopped testing us for the day, is when we went to sleep. Sometimes I could look up into the sky and see them looking around in their lab or theyed look at me and then have me do something else. Man maybe this happened even younger than 12? Like 8 maybe? Idk… well it feel out of my mind a year ago and haven’t thought about it since.


I believe I wielded the force like Jedi have since I was about 10. I firmly believed I was a Jedi since that age as well ever since I was introduced to star wars. I would often try to move objects with my hand out like a Jedi does, or how obi wan did that mind trick kinda hidden. And assist moving objects like sliding doors. But I thought I was using the force.

I tried moving large objects but it never worked and just thought that I needed more training with the Force. That has happened ever since and never fully stopped. It’s harmless. I was like a Jedi ‘undercover’ so I never told anyone until I became skilled like master with the Force.

Sometimes during the month even still I try to help doors close, animals move, stuff fall or stop from falling, mind tricks like move your arm, look that way, etc. But not anywhere as near as much. Like 90% reduction.

I’ve only mentioned the Jedi part to my doctor’s but I never thought back when it started so it was left as ‘started in military’. Now that i think back it definitely started when i was about 10. The Giants in the sky ive only mentioned once or twice but we never divulged into it. Probably because i was bringing up other worse delusions like aliens putting abductees into electronics to operate them and being a spy communicating telepathically, that did start in the military that we’re taking over the way I thought and acted.

So there ya go. My two delusions since childhood that I could think of! :grin:


As a child I had the delusion that everything is a play and all beings are fake, are God’s puppets, in order to test my reaction to other beings

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Sorry for the late reply! I think that’s interesting. Would be nice to hear of other peoples delusions without going too in-depth with them to whomever is comfortable. Just a quick overview of it nothing too deep! Don’t want to trigger anyone!

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When I was five, I started hearing and seeing reptilian and black aliens. I understood that I was a chosen one (that later developed into knowing I am a gifted empath). The black aliens wanted to kill me; the reptilian ones protected me.

I went through a long time suffering with that until I got put on Zyprexa at age 22. Then, I understood that the meds dull my empathic abilities. So the black aliens just watch me now, and make sure I keep taking my meds. The reptilian ones still keep an eye on me. I am watched every day by both and it causes me a lot of paranoid distress.

There are more, but that is a big one, and I already feel like I shouldn’t tell that one, but I will.

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from like age five up i had an on again off again delusional obsession with aliens. i thought for sure they were here on earth and would watch the skies diligently looking for signs of them and took things as a sign they were communicating with me and would have horrible nightmares about them

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Hey hey don’t feel like you shouldn’t share. It’s between us forum members, no ‘outsiders’! And it’s interesting. A tug between good and evil. Like a ying and yang!

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Man im sorry about those nightmares. I wouldn’t worry to much about the aliens. I’m sure they got a Prime Directive telling them to not interfer with developing civilizations like ours!

weirdly enough i had the Jedi delusion too, it was very similar
i used my powers to jump off of everything higher than a couple feet
buildings, roofs, walls
and as a result wrecked my knees lol

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Your first delusion sounds like the kind of powers doctors display to me.

I wouldn’t call this a delusion. More so overactive imagination.

Well once a childhood imagination goes into adulthood and you totally believe it. It can be classified as a delusion. Just as talking to an imaginary friend when your a little kid may be normal but when you reach adulthood and it continues it can be classified as a hallucination.

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