Delusions: do you ever "fight fire with fire"?

Do you ever create other delusions to deal with other mostly negative delusions? I use the word delusion lightly as in my world these are just perceptions of the world around us/within us. I’ve had unpleasant situations occur with other people where I am being attacked spiritually by ‘demons’ possessing their energy. When that happens, only recently have I decided to stop trying to be “cured” and not think that way but to instead embrace it, and use a new pattern of thought that I create to fight the negativity. I do so by filling them with light energy and try to burn out the dark energy otherwise known as demons. In situations that are really bad and extremely negative, I just send my demon out to take over them and usually mess with them. Exposing their weaknesses through their words and throwing that back at them or they just get red and fill with anger, which makes me laugh and I walk away happy knowing that wont happen again. I do things like that a lot where I am confronted with paranoid thoughts and I simply create something to combat it usually as constructively as I can.

Do you ever fight the fire with fire? Does it help?

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i surround my demons with spheres’ of white light and send them to the other side of the universe, works every time.
if they are not scared of me they soon learn to be.
take care


The white light really seems to burn them up! I like to send them back to the source where all the white light is. Burns up the blackness in the red lil guys

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