At first just the FBI was on my due to my political affilaitions now they have called in the CIA and NSA because I am a threat natoinal security.
I think the chinese government (chinese communist party) might be spying on me too since my friend in Hong Kong he had to leave and go to the UK. Why are they all so angry at me ??? Anybody else ever have a similar experience?

I had something similar… being told I was a suspect and being investigated by the FBI and they were creating a profile about me to spread across social media to expose me… it is just a delusion though… noone is upset with you. You are not a target. Medication helps as well as keeping the mind active and if you believe in God, prayer and reading the bible also helps.


Navy SEALs thought I was a CIA agent and they started following and recording me. Then they found out I wasn’t with the CIA, so now they think I work for a foreign government and they’re watching and waiting for me to make a mistake so they can question and torture me for information


This is a delusion. I’m just happy I found it on this forum. I had similar delusions in the past, I believed I had to go to a foreign embassy in London to get political “protection”. I now believe it was stupid to believe such things, after all ‘protection from what?’.
Today I had my medication reduced to 400mg per 4 weeks [Clopixol].

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