Delusions at age 11?

I believed that my parents were drugging me even back then

Was it a delusion or not? I believe it may have been a prodromal symptom or such

Yes it sounds like a delusion. How old are you now? 666/999

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I’m 15 so just wondering if its normal? Most of y’all are 18+

Yes, most of the users are adults, but that’s not a problem. What’s your diagnosis?

That’s most likely a delusion. If they were drugging you then you should’ve noticed some bad side effects.

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I just have a label of psychosis NOS - nothing specific yet

OK, I had that too, in the beginning

Yeah, kind of figured that out already

You’d get really sick or even die if your parents had been poisoning you all this time

Yeah I know - I’m not delusional anymore to my knowledge

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That’s great! Your meds are starting to work :slight_smile:


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