Delusions anyone?

Way too many to list here. Some of the more fun ones: I thought my television was alive and a part of a race of aliens, I thought I was Hitler reincarnated and sent to hell as punishment, I thought I was literally in the Twilight Zone, I thought they were feeding us people in soy products (soylent green), I thought that a girl I liked was hiding in the woods and trying to get me to run into there, I thought I was going to be burned alive like in the Wicker Man. The list goes on and on and on.

In the past I’ve thought

  1. That I could cure cancer

  2. That i saved the world

  3. I exposed the Illuminati

  4. I exposed all the governments “lies”

This was during a single manic and psychotic episode that I ended up going to the hospital in handcuffs I wasn’t sleeping I had a million ideas I wanted to do dangerous stuff but didn’t have the money to do them I almost broke into a house and a lot of other ■■■■ plus I’ve had lots of other delusions

Grandiose delusion.
Paranoid delusions.
Ive not had so many.

Newpaper giving me messages is a common delusion. The scary thing is that I had visual hallucinations where the newpaper was giving me messages too.

I feel like I want to participate in this thread but a) I’m still believing things that sound delusional to others and b) worry I would trigger myself by exposing things to others…

lyrics and movies were about me and my love between my subject of erotomania at the time…I was living in a virtual world where they were trying to bring me out of a coma…I was supposed to wake up in the hospital bed like Dorothy in the wizard of oz waking up and all her family was there.

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