Delusions and problems that I have.. over 2 years now

Am I the only one with these delusions? I think that someone slamming doors means something, coughing, etc. and when I’m out in public I think people can hear what I think and that they are talking about me. I also have bad nightmares every night & yes I take medicine. I’m also a big Christian so I am obsessed with serving God

Take the pills and tell your doctor about these symptoms your getting. They are positives and the meds should address them. You made need an adjustment or an alternative treatment.


When I read the last sentence of post, it feels like you’re trying to say something more. You need a break from the things that stress you out. Your service is likely to be far more effective when you’re not delusional.

I have been delusional for more than 10 years. I’m 20 years old now and I’ve been unable to stop the fantasy all day long since it was 8. It deprives me of my attention and distracts me. I dropped out of a junior high school. I lost my beauty life

I also used to think that people can read my mind. It got to a point where my thoughts became louder and louder so that I began screaming in my head. Diazepam and Benperidol helped me get rid of these positive symptoms though.
I wish you best luck!

Knocking on wood was a big one for me…

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