Delusions and Paranoia

I’m paranoid by just about everything. Do you ever get delusions where you’re even scared to talk about? Believing that it’ll come true once it escapes your mouth? I do. I feel like these demons never left me alone. They plant everything in my way to make my delusion add up, though I try not to believe it and argue it with facts, they’re becoming stronger. I’m super agitated.

I’ve been using CBD oil therapy, has anyone else tried it for psychosis? It works but it could be better, I think it’s because I have a super low dosage. Also, has anyone ever used the medication Ambilify and what are your thoughts?

Thank you, new here.


I sometimes believe that when I think ill of God or the Gods, they hear me and punish me for it if I don’t retract the thought immediately and bite my tongue. I have not used abilify, but isn’t that one for bipolar types?

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I found abilify as effective as the others I’ve tried, but switched away from it because of the akathisia and increase in my anxiety levels. At the moment I’m taking some again, but only a low dose to go with my olanzapine.

It’s worth giving it a shot if that’s what you’ve been offered

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I have a similar belief. I believe that if I stopped believing in God or spoke poorly of religion or it’s other Gods, that they may punish me. I’ve recently stopped believing in religion and I feel that my life went intentionally worse after. I’m even considering to go back to believing. I don’t know.
It is? I’m not even sure. I had no idea. The psychiatrist doesn’t even know what’s wrong with me, so she’s calling it ‘depression with psychotic features’ for now.
Thank you for your comment.

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Maybe you could take up meditation and see where that takes you. Sometimes the best way to stop the attacks is by silencing the mind completely, and then examining your beliefs when more rational.


The psychiatrist told me to take it everyday at 10 am. I’m very inconsistent when it comes to time management, and I wake up/sleep really late. I try to wake up early but it’s difficult for me. Does it have to be taken in this consistent manner and does it really matter?
Please and thank you for your comment.

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Best to try and follow the doctors orders. Perhaps you could use reminders or alarms on your phone?

Personally though I’ve always just taken it whenever I wake up in the morning and it seems to have worked fine like that


Tons of people have recommended meditation, perhaps I’ll give it a shot this time. I was just scared that my delusions would act up again whilst doing it. Thank you, again.

I think consistent is better. I don’t like CBD oil but abilify has apparently removed my hallucinations n delusions… It initially gave me akathsia which went after two months…n made my hair thinner n I sleep longer. I have something the voices said that I would not repeat cos It would make me paranoid… Welcome BTW I am also still quite new

Hi and welcome! I get delusions that I don’t like to talk about. I only recently told my bf about my prophetic dreams issues, for example.

I have not tried CBD oil, although I have tried Abilify and found that it didn’t work for me. We discovered this via genetic testing and based on side effects I was having with it.

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Yeah, perhaps I should do that. Like you have, I usually take it whenever I wake up which is around noon but sometimes I forget. Thank you so much, again.

Have you ever tried CBD oil and if you have, do you believe that it affected psychosis in any way? It doesn’t with mine but I probably can’t tell?? I don’t know. I’ve taken Ambilify for two weeks now, but the delusions, hallucinations and paranoia are still there… unless CBD is the cause? It’s supposed to be non-psychoactive. I don’t know. I feel that way about my delusions. If I repeat them, I become deathly paranoid and that it’ll come true. Thank you for your comment and welcome as well.

Thanks, I have not tried CBD but I’m just scared of it cos it comes from cannabis… I know they say the psychoactive agent is taken out but I still get paranoid bout it so follow my gut feeling to not take it. Abilify took me about 3months before the hallucinations n delusions went… So let’s see what happens with time… Maybe ask ur pdoc aswell what they think of CBD to get another opinion.

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Thank you for your warm welcome and your comment. I feel the same way. If I speak about my frightening delusions, I have this belief that they would come true. Anything else, nobody could relate.
What side effects were you having, if I may know?

I had VERY similar delusions (for me they were voices). I tried just straight-up weed 24/7 in my college years when my shrink was busy misdiagnosing and mis-medicating me. It stopped the voices ok, but it seemed that my behavior became erratic and I was still delusional. My overall quality of life declined

As for CBD, I know what it is, but I don’t know enough about it to comment.

I currently take Abilify (15mg) and it helps with the voices but the Seroquel (100 mg) (generic name Quetiapine) helped even more and so I currently take both in tandem with considerable success (my diagnosis is paranoid schizophrenia/clinical depression/anxiety).

My suggestion would be get on zocdoc and find a psychiatrist in your city that is REALLY well-reviewed by other patiets and go with them; that’s what I did and my guy has been a maestro at making adjustments and tending to all aspects of my case; my next suggestion is you do the same for a psychologist. If you’re dealing with serious delusions or voice, and it sounds like you are, getting two bad asses on your team can go a long way.


I mostly had restlessness and issues with tremors on it.

Welcome to the forum!!! I have that same thing. If I talk about something it will happen. It brings a lot of fear in me.

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“My overall quality of life declined” I related to that on a lot of levels. CBD’s been helping, got a new cartridge today so I feel good. It’s non-psychoactive as I cannot smoke thc.
I should ask my psychiatrist about that medication. She’s starting me off on Ambilify, 10 mg.
I’ve never heard of zocdoc, thanks! Will do. Reviews would be super helpful. It took me a terribly long time to find a psychiatrist and psychologist before the one I currently have, and I always get anxious on whether they’d be the right one or not.
Thank you again and for your comment.

Yeah, a lot of fear and paranoia. Glad I’ve came across a website where people could relate to me. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much and for your comment.

I completely understand. I felt the same way too. I’ve decided to give it a go anyway since at the time I was searching for a psychiatrist and just needed something. Didn’t get me high whatsoever. However, the marijuana rich in CBD kind of gives you that feel so that I don’t do anymore.
I had no idea it took a while, wow, thank you for that information. And will do.
Thank you, again.

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