Delusional thinking on these boards

Since most of us on this site have schizophrenia,
we should be able to talk about delusions we
are facing without fear of being banned.

There are a whole host of delusions, and
some of them are mental illness, and others
are a crime being committed. These two
often get confused on this site, and what
it does is it confuses the person who is
being criminalized against, more so than
the users of this site.

It is a mask that the one wears for the other,
mental illness hiding the crime. Can the two
exist exclusive of each other? Yes. I am
proof of this. There is never an all or none
thinking when it comes to this, the two very
easy go hand in hand, overlap, or cause
the other to be full-blown.

I don’t often like to talk about the crime on
this site, because I’m not trying to convince anyone
of my plight, I already live it every day,
and I don’t need any negative feedback.
But it is a big part of my life, as it for several
other users on this site, and I’d just like to see
if you feel we should be banned for talking
about it.


Dear Bioethics Commission,

I would like to thank this commission for their efforts to recommend ethical protections for human subjects.

Ethical protections for human subjects are essential considering the past history of non-consensual research by United States Military and intelligence agencies in collaboration with educational institutions such as Harvard, John Hopkins, MIT, Princeton, and Stanford; pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lily; medical schools and hospitals; the American Psychological Association; the National Institutes of Health, the Veterans Administration Center, U.S. Public Health Service and others.

Examples of past non-consensual experimentation include the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, The Manhattan Project, The Willowbrook Experiment, and Radiation Experiments.

Mind control experiments such as Project CHATTER, Project BLUEBIRD, Project ARTICHOKE, Project MKULTRA, Project MKSEARCH, Project MKNAOMI and others were often interwoven with radiation experiments and research on chemical and biological weapons. Psychiatrists, psychologists, neurosurgeons and other contractors conducting the work were embedded in a broad network of doctors and some of the research was published in medical journals.

As previously reported to this commission in 2011 and continuing to be reported in increasing numbers to this day United States citizens and others are reporting non-consensual experimentation including remote experimentation and torture. In 2011 it was reported to this commission that there were approximately 3000 known victims. Four years later those numbers have grown to 4000 to 5000 victims, an increase of at least 33%. I have brought with me over 60 of their statements.

Non-consensual victims of experimentation have experienced covert COINTELPRO type tactics including those used in Project MKDELTA. MKDELTA materials were used for harassment, discrediting, or disabling purposes.

Due to past history, previous testimony and statements provided to this commission, and continuing reports of non-consensual research ethical protections for human subjects in the form of regulatory changes are critical.

As I understand Subpart A of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) regulations, Protection of Human Subjects (codified at 45 C.F.R Part 46), also known as the Common Rule loopholes allow for experimentation when there is no physical intervention or interaction with the subject by an investigator as occurs in remote experimentation and previously reported to this commission by victims; or when the identify of the subject is unknown to the investigator (for example Subject 9,543).

Also there is no oversight for some non-federal entities such as private corporations and contractors and foreign entities; as well as some federal departments and agencies. Oversight is needed for all entities conducting research on American citizens and U.S. persons as well as research conducted on foreign soil.

Additionally research activities are permitted for some demonstration and service programs for public benefit; department or agency heads can waive consent in certain cases; institutions can register their own institutional review board (IRB); and IRBs can waive consent in certain instances. There are other loopholes not described here. Additional protections are also needed for children, prisoners and those of impaired consent.

In light of the testimony given in 2011 and existing loopholes in federal regulations I was shocked and dismayed that the only notable recommendation the Bioethics Commission made regarding the consent process is to add people of impaired consent. Ethical protections for human subjects necessitate regulatory changes.

After experiencing painful vibrations in my forehead with associated blood in my mucous, vibrations of my organs and more I sought help in the form of testing.

Test results included materials specifically used in the manufacture of neural dust as researched and developed by the University of California, Berkley. Neural Dust is an ultrasonic low power implantable form of brain-machine interface which as originally designed includes a subdural transceiver, an external transceiver and cmos chips implanted into the cortex.

The University of California has collaborative agreements with Temple University, which in turn has collaborative agreements with Dartmouth University and Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital where I had surgery on my nose and face.

Additionally, an ELF/EMF scan found 20 sites on my body that emit emf emissions beyond normal for the human body and consistent with implants. Also, the scan showed my body receiving governmental frequencies that were not observed during ambient conditions; my body was acting as a receiver.

This is only one example of the continued collaboration between United States government agencies and others who receive funding from those agencies.

I do not consent nor have I knowingly consented to any form of research, experimentation or implantation.

Not everyone can afford to pay for testing nor should we have to. We need the medical community to evaluate our medical complaints in a scientific manner and not subjectively rule out complaints as mental illness. We also need an investigation into our complaints of non-consensual research and covert psychological operations.

In addition to regulatory changes, criminal penalties must be legislated for research involving human subjects when bodily integrity and autonomy are violated as for other criminals who are routinely punished with convictions for assault, fraud and homicide. Unethical treatment of human beings can only be prosecuted when laws and regulations are in place.

Even if a researcher, physician, institution, other is engaged in socially beneficial research that might lead to cures or treatments for devastating diseases it is imperative that each person’s autonomy, self-determination, human dignity and constitutional rights prevail over scientific advancement and social benefit.

Over fifty years ago American citizens reported being victims of non-consensual human experimentation and reports continue to this day. Over fifty years later we still don’t have the necessary reforms to protect U.S. citizens and others from non-consensual research. As a society we must ensure that research subjects possess human rights that are inviolate.

This commission includes members of institutions that have participated in unethical research in the past. This commission does not include a single victim of non-consensual research. They have the insight that only a victim could impart.

Thank you for your efforts to recommend ethical protections for human subjects. Much work still remains to be done.

Holy crap that is scary. I’m curious, how did you get the testing done to show that you had been experimented on? I mean where would you get tested for such a thing?

Sorry, this was written by another target, not me, but she is well, and can express it better than me.

My brother was a whistle blower in the army, but I’m not sure if that’s why it started.

It has been just awful, the radiation sickness, the extreme head pain, the surveillance.

Thanks. for your reply.

I think it is encouraging delusional thinking that is frowned upon rather than saying you are having/have had delusional thinking and are seeking help and support.


I’m having some delusional thinking right now. I’ve spent the last three days traipsing all over hell’s half acre with … IN-LAWS.


Oh, and there was a local ag fair slammed with people I couldn’t get away from. And too much damn driving. And more crowds. And I had to work a gig for the local paper while I was feeling complete rubbish. Currently sitting here feeling the ‘leads’ from my ‘pacemaker’ exploring my chest and thinking it is sending my vitals back to you-know-who. Except that it isn’t. You-know-who doesn’t exist, or at least wouldn’t be interested in me if they did. This is just the broken part of my brain leaking waste into the good part of my brain.

I’ve got an illness. I’m experiencing symptoms of that illness. I’ll go see a doctor if it gets worse, except that it won’t because I have strategies in place for dealing with it now and my symptoms are already better this morning than last night thanks to doing the things my doc and therapists taught me to. One of those strategies for getting better is not engaging in activities that reinforce my delusions, like seeking out others with the same delusions on the Net so we can wind each other up. I want to get better, not worse.



Yes, you can delete this thread if you want.

I’ve said what I wanted to say.

Sorry to disturb you.

Relax, Pix-

Perhaps you’re becoming a bit of a ‘known entity’ because of your excellent creative work and this is playing a bit with your head?

If so, keep it cool. And perhaps leak a sex tape of yourself to the Media…seems to be the right career move these days!


The beings torturing me are in charge of the earth.

They are the highest authority here.

I don’t think any of these things are experiments to them. They stand behind all of these things.

Human beings are being set up, like castle rock in needful things, shits totally really real yo!

They set things up and weigh us all out, they make scenarios and things. We’re being weighed like a bunch of cattle on these matters of harm by higher entities.

So why haven’t they shown themselves you ask, why not prove it? You could not have been weighed thats why, and thus you could not have become great after your weighing. If we knew they were doing it we’d act in an unnatural way.

Believe me? Ha! Can’t believe that ■■■■ can you! Woo hoo!

Hey, experimenters. Im saying this because i care, it’s a setup, you are being weighed out by higher beings and they don’t like what you are doing. Are you ready for something like that? You just might end up on the operating table if you don’t watch yourselves better, think you have power don’t you, you don’t at all.

Better watch it bro. Better watch it good. You know they are real and you don’t want to know what they will do to you if you keep going in this way.

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I can’t imagine that they ARE human, because the things they do to us are beyond reason.

The only Alien I’ve ever met was my mother-in-law…


You’re not disturbing me unless you are one of my in-laws, in which case… STOP IT.


I come from a small family of people who are happy to wave at each other over Facebook mostly and maybe bump into each other F2F once a year. My wife comes from a family that has happily contributed to overpopulation issues and clump up worse than kitty litter. This incessant visiting with each other is making me bonkers. I ‘liked’ the crap you posted on Facebook that I didn’t actually like, but was being polite about. Pretty sure that doesn’t warrant the second visit in a month. GAH.


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They be humans.

Conscious beings do things if they think there is a reason.

No matter what it is if they do it they think there is a reason.

I just know they needed humans to work on,
but the tech is so advanced and beyond belief,
still I’m talking over 20 years in the program.

I can’t believe I’m still alive, and the trauma
has caused me to go schizo, among other
things in my crazy life.

Pans, just know you are not alone in this
struggle, and others have faced more
impossible odds.

I wonder about the tech to.

The spirits always had really advanced tech. More than anything we’ve ever known.

They’ve been known to give us some here and there, we wouldn’t even know it either if they did sometimes. They’ll just put it in people’s heads if they want.

Experimentation is nessecary at times but as usual we went straight monkey with that ■■■■. No law in the jungles of the heart i suppose, going to be hard to learn that one.

Just to think it could have been okay.

It’s strange when you feel you’ve had to give over so much,
suddenly, giving a 5 to a homeless guy seems like nothing,

or volunteering often, or giving my paintings away,
or blogging all my writing for free for anyone.

I haven’t lost my life yet, though.

I try to stay out of other people’s “delusions”. That’s their moment, their episode, their style or form of SZ.

Mine became vocally violent in nature, and I hate the fact that everytime I’d have an episode, I knew that shouting & arguing back helped immensely. I’d feel intensely euphoric after such moments, but police were called nearly evertime I’d have such a moment. It’s aggravating. Sometimes I wish I could just be locked in total isolation to get it all out.

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Never good to talk to your voices, I have found.

I was waaaayyyy too scared to do any fighting with them.

Are you feeling better these days?

I won arguments against voices, though. I hallucinate visually more than audially as well. It’s about 90% visual, 10% audial. So, when it came to voices, I always had a strong upper-hand. I’d simply rebuke them for harassing, more-or-less, not try to carry on a conversation.

I only had one outburst in the past three months, they used to be daily. So yeah, I’ve come a long ways, and yet I know it is NOT thanks to meds. It is all thanks to my mental & physical disciplines, something my psychiatrist doesn’t acknowledge seemingly at all.

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Just to be clear… You are SO IMPORTANT than an advanced alien race is going to expend an amount of energy equalling the converted mass of large moon or small planet to cross improbable distances just to give you a rectal (or some other type of) probe?!?

I used to think I was that important, then I learned about Occam’s Razor. Occam says I’m ill and there are treatments available that keep me from living in fear.


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