Delusional paradox

If you became convinced you were mentally ill but you weren’t would this be a delusion? Hence you are mentally ill for wrongly believing you are mentally ill.

This is so triggering that I won’t even read it. Muted, sry m8

I think that would be an obsession. So texnically yea it would be a form of mental illness

Isn’t it the mental illness known as hypochondria?


That sounds like a special kind of hell

My vote is on hypochondria too… The thing is, hypochondriacs generally don’t believe they have hypochondria

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I read a joke one time. How do you know if you have hypochondria? Well, if you think you might have it, you are correct!


I remember a lame boy meets world episode where he comes back from the doctor freaking out about his hypochondria diagnosis. Lame :thumbsdown:

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I am the opposite. I don’t believe I am mentally ill but, rather, am part of a brain study where they are pretending reality is a delusion. In other words, I really am in a brain study and everyone is hiding it from me and therefore, I take meds and live life like I have a delusion. Yes, I know I am delusional and yes I take meds and go to therapy:) However, delusions, by definition, seem real to the person having them. Daily battle.

Obsessing that you are mentally ill when you’re not is a mental problem, so you are kind of mentally ill, IMO

I think there’s a lot of subjectivity when it comes to mental health, because its forms and intricacies are less apparent and less well-defined than in other medical fields. When does a wrongly held belief become a delusion?