Delusional or Just Bored?

I’m not going to debate you. If you don’t know what we’re writing about then you haven’t been reading the forum.

That’s the only thing anyone has written that even comes close to addressing the question. Still, you write as if we are unfamiliar with this disease, as if we don’t have it ourselves.

For every poster having a grand old time entertaining himself with these kinds of posts there are others who suffer no less yet restrain themselves from joining into the games.

Lol, hostile environment? You sound a bit defensive. As for who’s faking and who is legit, I haven’t mentioned any names, though a number come to mind.

People cry about stigma then come here and post all sorts of ridiculous rubbish. Your back slapping and one upmanship games are both annoying and embarrassing. You make us look like fools.

And no, I don’t mean every post about delusions. I mean the games players and backslappers.


I was not requesting, nor indicating a debate.

I do read the forum.

This forum is not a hot bed of negative members.

Well then that’s their choice not to “join in on the games” as you put it. Again, different people. In my friend group for example, one of my friends struggles with depression and is very open about it and speaks with our friend group about it looking for support. I on the other hand don’t feel comfortable doing that with my issues, so I don’t say anything. Neither decision is bad.

I’m still confused as to what you mean by the game players though…maybe I just don’t understand what you’re saying about that…also I didn’t mean for it to come off as defensiveness I’m just trying to explain that you can go around all you want trying to find out who’s faking and who’s not and what good is it going to do? How will you ever really know? Just seems silly is all.

I dunno. I think I just don’t get what you’re talking about. Backslappers? One upsmanship games? Wha?

Lol I need to take a break from this site.

This is an Internet forum, anyone can post. There are no tests to determine who is really schizophrenic. I only mention fakers in reference to your comment.

Yeah I wish he’d give an example or something…never once have I seen someone post “wow my delusion is so much worse than yours” or anything like that. Maybe he just interprets people as posting like that I dunno o.o A lot of stuff online is easily misinterpreted…

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What you are describing here is very negative.

With the exception of new posters, most posters here have a reputation and posting history.

My problem with the thread is you folks are saying there are A Lot of posters doing this. And so I want to know why you say this? Who are all of these posters?

You refuse to answer.

I have not read a full-blown provoking post by someone explaining a delusion, bragging about the delusion and then praising others for one-uping with their own submitted delusions.

When I was a teen in a group therapy, they would recommend we not share our war stories in a light that appears we have something to show.

All folks do this one-uping to an extent.

It is negative.

But even though teens would share their war stories, this type of sharing was the only safe place to tell them, the only safe place to cry and show you can cry. So for many of us it was a private positive. No one bragged though.

Alright I think I get what’s going on a little bit better, thanks.

I’m not going to start calling people out by name. We can do that but it’ll get ugly real fast.

Ok. I can respect that reply.

This is a part of what I’m writing about. +1.

I don’t even know why I posted this thread. Nothing can be done, there are no rules about posting. I’m just venting.

Are you saying I am bragging and one-uping? Are you saying I am your example? I do not know +1 means.

I meant that I like your post. That sort of war story telling you mention is a good way to describe part of what I mean in this thread. I’m not saying you’re bragging and such.

For the record @nykia I do like a lot of your posts - a lot of them I find interesting, the one on squats was very helpful

Are you saying you do not like my posts? That you find my posts interesting in a negative way?

I have interacted. I have opened about some issues in my life that scare me. I have posted material from neuroscientists that are researching therapies. I support posters in a human way by sharing some of my personality.

I consider my posting history to reflect that I have a big heart and find warmth in sharing with the posters I reply to.

You really shouldn’t get you knickers in a bunch about it. People cope in different ways doesnt make anybody less or more schizophrenic.

No I honestly like your posts - not being sarcastic at all

Ok. You have no idea how that makes me feel better.

I like this community, but sometimes I get very sad and very scared that something may happen to the people I like a little bit better than folks elsewhere—and I like almost all folks.


that’s a bit harsh mal’. i think that most people here have been through the system and may well not know they are delusions but do know the name their psychiatrist gives those beliefs. i’m pretty sure that on any site there are going to be a few trolls but personally i just ignore the posts i don’t want to read and it wouldn’t bother me if there were a few trolls. but i think that you’ll find that most people here are honest members of the forum.