Delusion of being controlled?

Does someone have this, what you experience and what meds are you on?
I’m not sure if it’s what I have but for example my mental health place receptionist told me indirectly with voice that I don’t need my injection anymore and right after that my nurse told that she’ll put little less this time.
I’m on invega 234mg

A receptionist doesn’t have authority to change meds. Go with what the nurse or doctor tells you.

Nurse shouldn’t say either that she’ll just put little less. Invega just doesn’t fully work for me so I’m hallucinating these

My main voice (not a persons voice) told me that it is in full control of me and could make me do whatever it wants. I think that’s what’s called a delusion of control This doesn’t sound the same as yours though.


I don’t know what to call it when people are advising me and telling things like that. I have possession belief which is the root cause for this I think

My internal voice controls me but on 10 mg abilify it’s a good balance. On 20 mg I barely “felt” it. On 0 mg it makes me its ■■■■■.

I also have delusions I’m being controlled by god or something but I don’t believe that’s a delusion but people tell me it kinda is.

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