"delusion" just got real

There are crystals in my brain. I need a password to access them so I can function again.

The government want the crystals.

I am watching morning news and a politician was just interviewed, he is the acting prime minister while ours is out of the country.

The interviewer just asked him whether his job while he is acting prime minister is to find the briefcase with all the passwords.

The government and the media are close to accessing my crystals. What do I do?

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Calm down turtle. It’s not real. There are no crystals in your brain.

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You need to see a doctor maybe. Doctors can help. Latuda and seroquel are good medicines.

The painters next door are really spies I think. They are closing in.

Turtle, they’re not spies. I used to get like that when I was very ill.

What happened? Have you been under stress lately?

yes stress at work. How can you be sure they aren’t spies? I know what to do. I have to have a bath and use lots of talcum powder to block my pores.

You have to tell your medical team about this turtle.

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Don’t block your pores. Calm down. See your medical team as soon as you can and explain to them what happened.

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Thank you everhopeful. I will try to call my psychiatrist today. I see him tomorrow anyway so I guess I can just tell him tomorrow. Today I will wear my earplug to stop transmissions.

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Make sure you tell them everything that happened.

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I wrote it in my diary. When I forget things I just give him my diary to read. I wrote it all down.


Glad to hear it. Mention that you’ve been under stress regarding work as well.

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I’m just waiting for my psychiatrist to call me back. I can’t find my knife so I have a screwdriver for protection.

@everhopeful I just spoke to Dr Mo. He told me to take valium and try deep breathing.

He also said it is my mind playing tricks on me.

I can’t find my knife. The white man is back again. There are bugs crawling all over the floor.

If the government found the password to your brain crystals, wouldn’t that be good? It’s a password you’ve been looking for but unable to find. Maybe if they found it they could share it with you.

do you think they would? or maybe they would just steal all the information. There’s information in there that they want to use.

I think they would want to help. But if talcum powder and earplugs make you feel safer, well, it’s not going to hurt you.

Take calm, have a deep breathing, @anon84763962. Everything will be Ok.

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I know this is hard to deal with and hard to accept, but you have to think, you must have experienced delusions like this before and nothing came of it. Just try your best to get through this, put in your earplugs and block your pores and try to relax yourself. It’ll pass eventually, I promise.


thank you everyone. I took my valium and the\at is starting to kick in. I just have to repeat that it isn;t happening, but i know it is.