Delusion do or die

Ok so i get so obsessed and care so much. So when i believe something, its like there is no other option. Like if i cant meet whatever i expect there is no point in living. For example. If i dont do enough sit ups that i want my life is now meaningless.ots like every little thing matters so much and i have to do it or i want to die.

All or nothing thinking. Their are only two sides in life. Good and bad.

Does this sound like what you are thinking?

I was like that before I got on (the right) meds.


Perhaps i just dont see the point in living if things cant be achieved. That is the only meaning there is. Without it there is nothing.

What was it like for you?

Just black and white thinking which got worse and worse. Plus I considered myself a perfectionist, which meant I didn’t do anything about a lot of stuff because it wouldn’t be perfect. It’s all quite a long time ago now.

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Yea that seems to be my problem too what heped you?

Abilify basically.

Oh ok thats good that it worked for u. Ive never been put on anything like that. Then again i havnt seen a psychiatrist in a couple years and am currently on no meds…

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Would you consider seeing a psychiatrist again?

Yea o have an appointment in june im just trying to get by till then but am having a really hard time and im causing a lot of problems for my bf which makes me feel guilty

Well that’s good. Hopefully you can get your boyfriend to understand. It’s only a month away.

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Yea hes put up with me for almost two years so i should be ok its just hard to cope i want to be better

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