Delusion Classification

Here’s a short list of common themed delusions that are split into categories. For me, I think the focus of having such content catagorized is to find which parts of thoughts are being deluded

Involving Self Or Personality:

of having become another person: appersonation, appersonification; with a religious content: hieromania; of guilt, sinning, having committed some unpardonable sin: enosimania; of grandiose ability; of being God: theomania; of being the universe: cosmic identification of being of divine or celestial orgin: uranomania; of being of distinguished or royal parentage: Mignon delusion; family romance or being of superior intelligence: sophomania; of being loved by another: aidoimania; delusional loving: erotomania.

Involving One’s Body:

of being beautiful: callomania; of being physically deformed: dysmorphomania, dismemberment complex; part(s) of one’s body are larger: macromania; part(s) of one’s body are smaller: micromania; that one has a double: heutoscopy; of having a vile or repugnant odor: automysophobia; that one has changed into and animal (or, less common, that one can change others into an animal): delirium of metamorphosis.

Involving The Outside World:

of having imaginary companion: Doppelganger; of one’s spouse or sexual partner having being unfaithful: delusion of infidelity; of persecution, harassment, libel, slander, undue influence, external control: delirium of interpretation; of being watched: delusion of observation; that one’s mind controlled by an outside agency: Clerambault-Kandisky complex; that one’s thoughts are influenced by others: constraint of thought; of possession by evil spirits, of being poisoned by the devil: cacodaemonomania; of being influenced by an imposter: delusion of false recognition; that a known person has been replaced by an imposter: Capgras syndrome; that a persecutor has adopted the form a known person: Fregoli’s phenonmenon.


Nihilism; nihilistic delusion; delire de negation; of being dead: necromimesis; of not having a body: Cotard’s syndrome; acenesthesia; of memory or orientation being lost: negativistic amnesia; if one stops, so will the world: ergasiophobia; denial of existing body change, illness defect: anosognosia.


I must honestly say that " one’s mind controlled by an outside agency: Clerambault-Kandisky complex; that one’s thoughts are influenced by others: constraint of thought; of possession by evil spirits" is actually a real phenomenon.Now, while some people might suffer delusions that this is happening and it’s just paranoia, there are real technologies and millions of dollars spent on them and psychic development for military applications that is well document with the Nazis, the former soviet gov and the US gov. MK Ultra was a real program run by the CIA and admitted to, which involved mind control.

Demon possession while rare can happen and is documented in every culture over thousands of years.

these are realities beyond what your average society accepts. there is also a hidden movement to label those who suffer from such things as mentally ill, and in some cases it can drive someone insane, but fact remains these are real things, not delusions.

If you would do some research on these programs like MK Ultra, Monarch project, etc, you will see they are real indeed.

I’ve had a lot of delusions, probably all of them at some point.

That last one is a problem. The issue is that you can’t disprove it, so it is possible that everything we see is fake. It’s a whole category in philosophy. I’ve even been seeing nihilism referenced everywhere lately; it’s reality’s latest obsession.

They guy that wanted to convert me, after seeing a being made of light in a tree, said he had power over spirits.

I got in his car in desperation, they had hounded me all over the downtown area during those few days.

He said he had to wait for his friend, his friend gets in behind me.

They say in my mind that my blood is being drained from my legs(they hurt bad from walking so much), it wasn’t like someone just saying it to me though, i could have just told them to ■■■■ off, this was different, they said it in me and as me, it became a part of my perception.

There is one example of a delusion, gotta watch that though, sometimes it’s someone else doing it to the person.

its not fake, but that gets into the observer and the observed…it takes both to make something what it is to you individually. then there are things everyone sees so we can assume are “real” Other things only a percentage of people see or experience but the observations are so identical there has to be something to it: for example - UFOs, alien abductions, mind control experiences, angels, demons, spirits. But with these not everyone witnesses them, though millions do.
Then there are the things that only one individual sees…these are the ones most likely to be named hallucinations, but in some cases as with mind technology they can tune into your specific brain waves and show only you.