Delusion about "trees" and supernatural vegetative intelligence

Any of you suffers from “delusions” regarding trees not being what they appear to be, or rather, being the only living beings which are exactly what they appear to be? Anyone who shares the deplorable “delusion” that trees, not people, are the true children of God? How do you fight such a lamentable self-deception?

idk but most people (humans) chop them down so what would that make us?

You get rid of the delusion just like any other,

Medication, therapy and hard work.

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The philistines?

we aint all that bad are we?

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He asked for help,

Stop feeding that delusion.

i’m not feeding his delusion, i’m just talking

its good to talk and get things off of your chest, if it got serious i’d tell him to speak to his dr, i’m not stupid

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Trees are great but I think your delusions starts with “gods children”

I have too much insight to be truly delusional.

That would depend on how we define God, but discussing God’s attributes might be misconstrued as a religious discussion.

I appreciate the concern, but it should be all right.

I do like trees, they are like our lungs, without them we would be dead i think

we are not aloud to discuss God because its such a contentious issue in this day and age

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Has always been a contentious issue

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We’re not allowed to discuss religion because it triggers those of us with religious delusions.

You’ve been here long enough to understand that.

maybe but maybe more so these days imo

it means the same thing

Moving the debate away from god towards “science”, what do you think about the contention that some plants might be regarded, after a fashion, as being intelligent?

My uncle used to say that the trees are our cousins because they are made up of dead people, animals and vegetation.

He’s not wrong.

That being said, I don’t believe they’re sentient.

I believe they are simply part of creation as the rest of us humans, animals, etc, they are beautiful and they might have some level of intelligence and/or consciousness we are not aware of. We’ll never know.

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