Delusion #6: the pentagram

About two years ago, I signed a pentagram in my blood(whoopy whoop big deal). Now I’m a very good artist so the symbols and angles was on point. The same time I was still skeptical about this different realm. Well what do you know…I opened a window. Or I broke the code. A series of events happened right after that. Coincidental? I said that the first time…the next few scenarios I know I let something in. Can’t say much but it’s real out here

I used to claim to be Christian but really knew almost nothing about it. My mom was having delusions about people stalking us outside our house all of the time, but of course we never found them because as it turns out my mom has schizophrenia. Although I admit there were occassionally weird cars on the street by the neighbors house, and i did one time see somebody run into the bushes on the other side of the street before I got schizophrenia. I think now that they were just going to the other side of the hill, where there is tons of land to go play in or a safe place to get high at night. I turned to astral travel which my mom encouraged me to dabble in, which never showed me anything. I often wonder if that opened a gateway into the spirit realm and is the reason I got schizophrenia. I didn’t draw out any pentagrams or anything like that, just turn off the lights and light candles. One time my mom told me to try to contact her dead father, and this I did while probably developing schizophrenia, and pretty much the only thing I semi thought semi heard was to tell her not to worry and not to do this anymore, and then when I said that she admitted that she knew in the Bible it says not to contact the dead. So I guess on top of astral travel I did necromancy as well. I don’t think it really worked though, but I tried it anyways and like I said already, it makes me wonder if that is why I now have schizophrenia.

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