Deleted a rant on facebook about my poverty

I complained that I don’t get to eat what I want on facebook…getting by on bologna sandwiches and ramen noodles…nobody wants to hear me complain on there or here but I feel more comfortable here so I am posting about it…I deleted the comment because everybody else is posting pics of their restaurant meals and get togethers…facebook isn’t good for me I don’t think.


I know what you mean. I used to eat Bumble Bee tuna kits and peanut butter and jelly everyday because I was under such financial stress from two mortgages and other debt I felt like I couldn’t afford to eat. I was so skinny too but I had good credit.

I short sold my upside down house in Southern California though and had some credit cards charged off so I have horrible credit now but I can afford to eat now. I even put on 50 pounds.

I hope things get better for you.


I lived on bread that was stale and ramen noodles with what I could also get from dumpster when I was homeless and when I got an apartment about the same.


I’m so sorry you were homeless and dependent on dumpsters for your meals, @sweldon001. I truly feel very blessed.


I live on a tight budget as well. But i can afford to go the gym, just got motivated for that. I live from the foodbank as well and got not much choice. Would love to go to restaurants.

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I deleted everyone but family on Facebook.

I had people on there I used to know, but it annoyed me that I couldn’t bring myself to message any of them, and the fact they wouldn’t contact me either it all seemed a bit pointless.

Another option is to ‘unfollow’ people who post their dinner on their feed. I unfollowed my cousin because he always posts pictures of their kids.

The only reason I keep it is because I have lots of pages I follow.


I used to spend my food money on drugs. There was a church less than a ten minute walk from my house who gave out free food to the needy. So I went there once every two weeks and got a bag of food. It was a small operation and sad to say, most of the “needy” were exactly like me, using drugs and scamming the food closet. But they only gave out a grocery bag of food and it wasn’t usually that good but it was better than nothing. It was 1988 and I was living in a studio the size of a walk-in closet and I lost about 25 lbs from not eating, literally without knowing it until a friend pointed it out.


Quote from HN which I liked: “D. The networks present a false sense of reality which lowers happiness. Everyone always posts their highlight reel which makes you feel like the whole world is killing it constantly and you aren’t.”

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I hope things get better for you @jukebox.
Hang in there, tough times don’t last forever.


I aint into facebook…its for ego poelple

Have you checked into food stamps, jukebox? If you can’t get help there you might could get some help from the local food pantry. You might check into that. Bologna and ramen is not enough.


thank you @crimby I get $16 a month in food stamps because they say I make too much…yes we hit the churches and pantries. good thinking man.

You’d get more food stamps if you made less money. I get $133.00 a month in food stamps, but I get about $720.00 in ssi.

yes you’re right…I make $1,137.

You recently quit smoking?

Are you still off the cigarettes?

When I was a smoker I could not afford milk sometimes.

We did not have much food at home when my mum and I lived at a place n she single mum drove in a icy cold car with no heating for over four hours a day to work.
We had it rough.
I’m proud of her.
We were not happy then I think but things got better we moved eventually.

When my cousin was studying my Aunty used to cook him meals once a week and put in his freezer and fridge.
She thought if she gave him money he might spend it on having a beer :beer: at a pub with fellow students instead of buying food so she cooked for him instead.
Good thinking Aunty!

I sometimes got food too.
Fill up my fridge a bit.

When I quit smoking I had so much more money and could afford fruit even.

My boyfriends parents sometimes bring food over.
Not huge amounts but if they find something on special they keep us in mind.
Like a chicken , celery etc

Is there’s plan you could get help with to put more better nourishing food in your fridge.

Can you sit down with budget and move things around making space for more food?

Could you get help ?


I worked out that i have saved around £20,000 since stopping smoking, :slight_smile: that would get a hell of a lot of Ramen lol

I was working three years ago in church kitchen,serving to people,and other stuff.All workers eat after closing time.I called menager few months ago,and he said i can come and eat and take food,but i’m emberased to go there again,due my fall in faith.

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working in a kitchen is great fun and the people are nice, i help out at my clubhouse in the cafe, just taking orders and serving or whatever, i like it. if you enjoyed it then why not :slight_smile:

Facebook was self destructive for me as I wrote such repulsive crap and things that were unpopular that my family kicked me off for over a year. When I went back on 3 friends were gone and I realized I had to tone it down. On a typical day I now put on there pictures of sunrises, sunsets, beautiful weather pictures, cat and dog videos and very little talking.

Good foods are not necessary expensive (depends on location?). Value for money!