Delay gratification

I felt I don’t have control in receiving things I order online or getting things I want but couldn’t.

I sold my ps 4(2 set),Nintendo switch at a very low price,because I am impulsive.Now I regret and to get these back I need to pay double of a new set price before covid 19 happens.Now I want to play them.I am crazy in the sense that I actually have place to keep them,but I sold them because I am crazy,psychotic.

I ordered some vaping device online in my home country.Now I am stranded in my wife’s hometown and couldn’t return to collect.I really want to get it.

My delaying of gratification is weak.

I sold my tablet for energy drinks.

Hey there,about the vape stuff.I still have enough device and juice to vape.I beat myself up for wanting my new vape.Which i think is reasonable to say I am not happy enough.

My wife love me enough,treats me well.Yet I still want things.I am blessed but there is still something about me that I don’t feel good enough

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