Deja vu or nostalgie

In this morning I went to the lab of the hospital to have my blood test taken. It is unusually warm in Finland and seagulls have arrived, although typically these birds come in the end of March. I received this feeling that I had in March 1987 when I had arrived from Moscow to Helsinki. Then I stayed at the railway station of Helsinki and the station was closed for the night, but a nice young woman took me to her place where I stayed over the night and I left in the morning to Lappeenranta by a train. In this morning I got this exact feeling after 27 years. I must add also that I had my first real experiences with a Russian (then Soviet) woman Olga in Moscow in 1987.

Lappeenranta…Sounds like romantic adventure -

Hospital lounge are nice place for reflection.

Yes, Lappeenranta was a romantic place. 1.5 months after I had come from Moscow in 1987 I got another girlfriend there in Lappeenranta and later in the summer of 1987 I spent one week in London with her and in February 1988 I saw her in Paris, when I stayed there for one week. One of the best romances I have had was at the JFK airport in New York in January 1990 when I met one Domenique from Bermuda. She had visited her sister in Boston and traveled to London, where she lived. We had a great romance and I kept even contacts with her after the JFK airport. Then in the summer of 1990 I met my former U.S. spouse with whom I had a relationship almost 10 years. Yes, I have had many women in my life. Some of these women have been well educated such as one who has the PhD in neurosurgery and so on. I suppose I have liked many women in my past lives.