Deja vu isn't always psychotic?

I went to take a walk, and the deer who are taking over the place and not afraid of humans were right in the driveway and wouldn’t budge so I just walked past them, la de da. Then a little further down the driveway a huge hawk came and scooped up a live little squirrel and flew away with it with crows chasing after it. My mother fifteen years ago called this place the shining. Lol. It was because of critters and all she said then. Well the other week I saw a woodpecker for the first time in my life that was kind of cool. But it isn’t “reallY” the woods as the train and nearby interstate will let you know. Anyhow deja vu I wanted the inner city today. NO, I’m not moving though.

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cool, i love nature, i looked out the window early this morning and there were 4 kangaroos in the front paddock.
one of my favorite animals.
take care

Huh I’ve never even considered Deja vu to have anything to do with being psychotic. I mean it’s a normal human experience in my view. I had the occasional Deja Vu as a child and I certainly wasn’t psychotic as a child…

We had animals on the roof last night, twice. But that happens almost every night.
Wow first time woodpecker? There are a bunch around here…lots of little ones and some large ones like a foot long or bigger. They are wreaking havoc on one of the electric poles though…I may have to report that before too long!

I had de ja vu wile psychotic and before i started medication.