Dehydration and Antipsychotics

Does anyone else experience constant dehydration as a side effect of your antipsychotic medication?

I’m on seroquel and I literally always have my water bottle with me because I always feel dehydrated. The worst is when I wake up, I have to drink a lot of water to not feel totally dehydrated. Anyone else?

I’m on Geodon and Seroquel, and my mouth gets totally dry when I’m around people, but then I realized that happens because I breathe through my mouth every time I am around people. I don’t know why, but the compulsion to breathe through my mouth when I am around people is strong.

Woa. That could either be a sign of diabetes or seroquel has raised your blood sugar. These are both life threatening, so I’d see your doctor asap.

I’ve been on seroquel before and found that it gave me EXTREME cotton mouth. It’s a very common side effect. This post reminds me off this clip from “Me, Myself and Irene”.

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We lack saliva on the meds. It causes cavities


My doctor monitors all my stuff with regular blood work panels, I’m all good there but thanks

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It totally is cotton mouth, glad I’m not the only one

I started taking Seroquel (Quetiapine 800 mg.) in Feb. 2016 after a terrible Manic Episode.
I would get very Dizzy not long after taking it. I would almost pass out and barely crawl to my bed.
I assumed it was the Sedative effect.

I happened to be checking for High Blood Pressure and I noticed that my BP was dropping to only 70 after taking it and stayed there all night!

My psychiatrist said that can’t be true because none of his patients ever had that problem.
I believe many did but assumed it was sedation (as I did) not Dehydration which showed up as very low Blood Pressure.
I stumbled across this purely by coincidence.

A few years later, I felt sick on Wednesday afternoon and when I woke up it was FRIDAY!
My Doctor said it was DEHYDRATION that is what caused the full day of Memory Loss.

(A woman reported waking up with 3 cats in her room. But she only had One cat. She found that she did indeed go to the shelter and pick up 2 cats the day before and had no memory of it. She didn’t mention Dehydration. But they called it a “Seroquel Hangover” which is dehydration.)

My doctor reduced me to 400 mg. Then 200 mg. After 2 weeks at 200 mg. I was getting terrible Crying Spells.
My new doctor lowered me from 400 mg. at 50 mg. every 4 weeks. (at my request)
This worked out Very Well.
I’m at 150 mg. now and my BP still drops to 100 and sometimes 75. And I can barely stand up to pee at night.
I’m 63 years old and anything less than 120 I get dizzy.

I’m going to see how low I can go (with my doctor’s supervision). But very slowly.
I had 2 previous Manic Episodes when I tried to quit on my own! NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

I had a nervous breakdown in 1987 after a friend was abducted by a religious cult and they were doing what appeared to be Satanic Rituals.
I was speeded up mentally for several months but still functioning OK.
I didn’t know I was supposed to be Sedated the rest of my life.
But I was perfectly fine until 19 years later…

In 2006 I learned the truth about 9-11, the Banking System and all the corruption.
Nobody would listen to what I had to say.
My boss CHEWED ME OUT BIG TIME and threatened to FIRE ME AND RUIN MY CAREER if I dared talk about this at work!
So I had another mental breakdown and they put me on meds for life.
Not because I had a “History of mental illness” but because I CARE about people more than most people do.

If I had not stumbled across this information or not had so much Rejection, I would still not need to be sedated every day of my life.
NOBODY would give me any support or even listen to my extreme concerns.
I later learned this was Cognitive Dissonance because the Media attached so much Emotion to that day. I didn’t have Cognitive Dissonance because I never trusted the media or government since I graduated high school in 1976.

(I’m now 63)
I’m trying to get to where I don’t need meds at all (because I don’t have such extreme stress that caused both Mental Breakdowns but I’m taking it VERY SLOWLY to prevent Withdrawal and I’m having very good results so far.

In some Eastern Religions they induce a state of “Enlightenment” by intentional very intense concentration for a few weeks. The mind kicks into an extremely heightened state of awareness.
That’s exactly what I did unintentionally both times.
I’m sure this happens to most people who are diagnosed (labeled) as “bi-polar”.

They call it “Bipolar” because you are in a state of Acutely Heightened Awareness and a single thought will immediately attract similar thoughts like a powerful magnet.
This causes the extreme mood swings and the confusion that leads to Delusional Thinking.

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