Defintion of hypermentalising

Can someone help me find the definition of hypermentalising. Its a term I learned recently and would like to read more on. I can’t seem to find a clear definition. Searching for it leads to papers that simply use the term. Not layman speak or a glossary showing what it means in full.

I would guess super rumination that implies overly thinking, but I have not heard the term before.

My quick search on it states “ Hypermentalizing is a social-cognitive process that involves making assumptions about other people’s mental states that go beyond observable data. As such, it involves overattribution of mental states to others and their likely misinterpretation.“

Also seems highly associated with BPD.

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It is.

In layman’s terms it is when you are too eager and quick to make interpretations about other people. It is something we all do sometimes, especially when we are stressed, but some people do it a lot more often than others.

Thank you Kxev. Thats exactly what I was looking for. Normally with these kinds of terms theres loads of pages that host explinations and definitons on it but for some reason I couldn’t find it for this term.

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