Definition of full recovery?

What is defined as full recovery? And can some achieve full recovery and not require medication?


It happens. If you are multiepisodic or have symptoms return off meds then it’s usually a life thing or until better treatments.

It’s hard. It can be biological if it’s in your family but people here don’t have any in their family and get it.

Full recovery to me is no meds and no psychosis. I think that is good enough although you’d need some decent function. You can’t space out on whack and expect that to be full recovery!

Yes, there are people who reached full recovery and don’t need medication anymore. But I don’t think it’s an easy path.

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I would say full recovery would be the reduction of symptoms and the impedance they have on one’s life returning to normal ranges.

I mean even neurotypical healthy people have delusions, hallucinations (far less often), get confused or find pockets of emotional instability… all the things we experience are indeed very much human. They’re all just highly exaggerated and untamed.

I would also note, that in my opinion, a state of full recovery won’t include a regimen of psychotropics.

I would consider recovery as a full resolution of the symptoms you’d previously experienced. So no positive or negative symptoms. And you gain this state without being on antipsychotics.


Hahah Full recovery is such a broad statement when it comes to sz. I just know your recovery starts once u identify somethings wrong. Some would say im fully recovered but i still have negative symptoms. Hell even some people hear voices but know how to manage without meds. Its based on the individual opinion. No pdoc or gp can sit in your head and tell u your ok.

Full recovery to me is fully overcoming the positive and negative symptoms, to where they don’t effect me at all, and I’m able to work enough to pay taxes.

Full recovery to me is getting off meds and not having symptoms, its possible for some, just probably not me.

Full recovery to me is how my mental health team defines it: remission of all positive symptoms, and minimal negative and cognitive symptoms, while being on meds.

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