Definitely the climate change

Here where I am we do not have any snow yet, lakes are not frozen and one could swim in these lakes, on Sunday it is again the Independence Day of our 98-year old democracy as it was nine years ago when I went swimming in one lake. Winters are warmer than before.

I went to southern Australia last few months and the people there said “It was the coolest and longest winter season than years before”.
But while I am in this tropical country, particularily since October, the weather can actually be Sunny - Rainy - Sunny - Rainy during the day. It actually is Shower than Rainy anyway.

I think the earth just goes through long cycles.

You heard of the ice age? Then When dinosaurs were around it was hot and humid and there were lots of plants for them to eat.
We have dry spells and then very wet ones and these cycles can last for decades.

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