Definitely have cognitive struggles… Can tell by school

These 19-year-old kids I’m in class with… Without any mental health issues as far as I know just seem a lot sharper than me… It’s OK though. I’ll be fine. But being around only people from Iop the last couple years… Made me think I don’t have cognitive struggles because we were on the same pages. Hell the therapists were on the same pages me. But when I go to school everything’s so fast. It’s like…” I learned that for the first time a month ago”… And then these 18/19 year-old kids know it that young… How the hell did they get that knowledge when I didn’t learn this until a month ago??? Wow sz is a challenging disease but I think we all are very courageous for not giving up ever.


Wow sz is a challenging disease but I think we all are very courageous for not giving up ever.

Amen to that


I had the same problem and still do to some extent. I dropped out of college three times do to my grades and not being able to keep up. However I was also diagnosed with adhd and put on adderall. After being put on adderall I tried for a fourth time at college and my grades greatly improved. I mean I went from being on academic probation to the top of my class almost instantly. I stayed on my medication and kept working on school and eventually ended up graduating cum laude. That being said, it was not at all easy. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but it eventually paid off. So just hang in there and keep working at it and maybe talk to your doctor to maybe see if you have adhd also.


I’ve been tested professionally for ADHD I don’t have it… It’s just the mental illness that causes me trouble. Great for you graduating so highly… My therapist says my biggest issue is my confidence in school. My confidence increased a lot the last couple years but I think I can still improve and will. He told me just to take it slow… Two classes at a time and by the time I’m ready to take the next step I’ll be ready I guess…

I do think it’s more than just confidence but maybe he’s onto something.

I’m only in community college got a 98 on my first test the other day but almost feel she curved my score somehow. Maybe she does for everyone. I thought I got a C. Was in shock when I got an A.


I know my cognitive abilities have been affected by this illness because I can’t make A grades in college anymore either. I used to make straight A’s. Now, all I can muster are C grades. I’m in my late 50’s.

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