Define your meaning of fun

Is it ■■■■■■■, drugging or guns?

Joking joking that’s from a song by The Sick Puppies. Mine is probably all three not in that order.

But seriously, I had fun last night. I played a drinking game called “■■■■ the dealer” in which the dealer had to drink ridiculous amounts when they guessed which card the dealer was holding and if the players guessed wrong they had to drink a lot too. Okay it’s more complicated than that but whatever. I didn’t drink, I drank water because I was the driver. I peed a lot

Very interesting to watch my friends get ■■■■■■ up. Always fun for me. I used to get ■■■■■■ up.

But I also like exercise and learning, pure learning is fun, like Mark Twain said “I don’t let my schooling interfere with my education.” Yeah I will start studying my own interests in psych when I am bored sometimes. I went through a phase of learning everything that is wrong with me.

I like aggressive activities like blasting metal and working out very intensely.

I used to play airsoft (military simulation with plastic 6mm BBs)

I am on drugs, coffee nicotine and prescribed ones

I like ■■■■■■■ what isn’t that normal

I like chaos and outbursts and wild behaviors, also like order and controlled aggression other times

What do you like?

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I am not allowed to have fun

Fun is something I used to have when I was a young boy.

Now I feel semi-anxious or depressed most of the time and just do things to pass the time.

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I’m not allowed to say.

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Feeling good. Healthy lifestyle. Working out. Reading. Animals. Wait none of that is fun… Just what I desire

Dressing up my full size posable skeletons and posing them in different scenes. Today we listened to swing and I tried to do the Charleston.

Meet Buddy Holly and Suzy Q…


I like sweating, that’s why I exercise. If I don’t sweat a lot, the exercise is just boring. I find that fun somehow.
Shopping, makeup and new clothes are also fun. I love hugging handsome guys, if I get the opportunity to hug you, I would totally. :yum: I love drinking alcohol and making cocktails. I don’t get drunk, just a little happy. I love sleeping and waking up refreshed. I also enjoy trying out new places, food, pubs, clubs. I always go to gay clubs, these people are way better dancers than others and it’s rare to get hit on. I also really like online shopping. Driving with loud music and doing my nails. hmm what else. laying in the sun, laughing with my sister. jewelry shopping


I really enjoy reading and watching NBA ball
And usually if im not doing those,I’m getting f***ed up, hanging out here.

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whos your nba team

Fun for me is going out for pizza which I’m doing Tuesday night

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what kind of pizza are you gonna have :yum:

One with lots of cheese and onions peppers


I like margarita the best. 4 cheese :pizza:


Rajun Cajun chicken and peppers for me

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I have not tried that. but I’ve had cajun chicken pasta once :yum:

I just had Chinese food with my sister, brother in law and their two boys. Had a lot of fun.


Miami Heat ,thanks for asking,Pat Riley is a genius, he should be president of the US, hes payed $50000 dollars for motivational speaking to the huge companies.

The reason why is because that guy is smart.

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mental peace is fun…

talking to others who don’t fit the stereotype is fun.

being free in the water is fun.


Learning. Travel. Reading. Boating. Skiing. Safe forms of adventure. Wandering mountain tops. Wandering the valleys. Climbing trees(red woods to be exact). Drinking in small amounts. Good food of almost every kind. Hockey and other various sports. All kinds of art. Astronomy. Science. Spiritual things.

Underground krav maga tournaments.

And music and then more music and then more music and then more music and then more music and then more music and then more music…

Seriously, everything but romance. Love disgusts me but everything else is just fine and alot of fun.

Skateboarding. Philosophy. Psychology. Small amounts of fast food. Grilling. Parasailing. Surfing/boogie boarding/the ocean. Rainy days. Sunny days. Foggy days. Cold days. Warm days.

Wandering the forest. Photography. Learning new languages. Interdimensional knowledge. Small amounts of gambling. Not having a family. Friendship. Charity. Restaurants. Spending money is fun in the right amounts.

Camping. Building fires.

Everything but romance pretty much.