Deferring a semester

Hey guys. I am debating deferring a semester due to family hardship. Sun still needs a lot of acute medical care, and it takes a lot of time and energy. With the other 2, after about 6 months of intensive focus they were able to get into a good routine and it took a lot less effort after that. I think that if I take the time to focus on Sun right now, he will really blossom and start thriving. Right now, I feel like my attention is too divided and nothing is getting my very best effort.

If i had to make it work, I probably could. But I think i would be miserable, the kids would be miserable, Mr. Star would be miserable, and we would all need months to recover. Since i don’t have to rush, it’s better to take things one at a time, starting with the biggest priorities.


Sounds reasonable to me. No need to overload yourself and make yourself miserable if it’s not necessary. Schooling can wait until you are not so busy.

It sounds like that is a smart move.

Maybe you could take a half credit course or something instead of deferring completely. It might actually be nice to have something else to focus on.

You’ve thought through it carefully and deferring a semester sounds like the best decision for you and your family.

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Well, if I am being honest, I arrived at the decision after crying for 40 minutes in the parking lot before class because i’ve been at the ER 3 different times this week with a sick kid. But I think it was a good choice anyways.

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I think that is a good idea!

Sun would appreciate your effort later in his life, and you can’t compromise that!

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Sounds like a sane thing to do @ninjastar . It’s hard when other things pop up with life but it’s important that family life wins out in the end. Seen too many people lose stuff on work or study and end up with neither. Family though…that is the important stuff. Everything else can wait.

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