Defensive swagger

Like what is it the way people carry themselves. Some swag to intimidate. Some just swag to their music on their headphones. Others do it to put u down like they are better. Others usually small guys puff their chest out like a blowfish. I carry a rhythm when I walk and I don’t care what haters say because if u look good u will always have haters you can’t be too perfect they will always point ur flaws. So let urself be free it’s natural rhythm. Don’t hold back that means something in the environment is changing the way u act. It’s confidence in your self to be urself despite how others may affect you. Having sz a made me timid but just having confidence to rise beyond ur doubters. And inner dialog that doubts you.


that post was eceptionally awesome! and true.


i swag with my rage

My sis will put on a swagger when she’s with her beach guard team. She’s the only girl and she the youngest, so she does try and walk tall and walk “bad ass” when she’s around them.

I’m too gangly to swagger. I’ve got no swag. I’ve got a lot of stumble though. Do I get points for swaying?

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I assume u got a surfer swag. Sounds like u need higher self esteem, nothing personal against you. You can have an aura with the lifestyle u live. Swaying idk what that is. Try not to stumble.

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I tested as having a golden aura on a Quizzilla quiz I took in high school.

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