Defending your family?

My brother consistently acts erratic and violent, with a splash of mood swings from day to day. I’ve seen him get extremely angry and borderline violent. If he attacks someone else in my household, do I have an obligation to defend them? I want to, and have in the past. But it only seems to make him more resentful and worse mentally.

I’m worried about legal repercussions if my defense goes too far.

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is he sick? :worried:

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He’s not well mentally. He’s always had adhd and a history of terrorizing family members although it’s only rarely gotten out of hand and I’m not sure if there’s an official record of it (Probably not as the instances where we call the cops are far in the past). Still, those episodes stand out.

It’s just seemed to get worse since he’s been out of work.

You should call the police if this happens :confused:


+1 call the police.

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It’s okay now, but I’ll call them if it gets to that point again.

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Before I was diagnosed sz I was told as a teenager I had border line personality disorder. I would get angry and violent my sister and mom didn’t know how to defend me nor how to control me. They never wanted to call the cops until a Coach of mine told them they were doing me more harm by not calling the cops and getting me help. When they finally did I was taken to the psych ward which is where we found out that I was sz. If my family didn’t take the step to calling the police for my benefit who knows what other harm I could have caused not just to myself but to others.

So I would said don’t hesitate to call the police for the safety of your self and others but also to give your brother the right help that he needs.

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