Deeply understanding a loved one

Can you understand them deeply?

Why don’t you reply to someone elses thread for once… you only contribute to your own threads.


no major badness in me

No worries

You’re on thin ice @san_pedro . Don’t tell people to stf.u or you can be suspended.

my intentions are good for everyone on this site

but if some don’t like me

its simply not my problem/issue

i will keep being ‘‘myself’’

You mean deeply and deliberately misunderstanding a loved one??..

If being yourself means telling others to shut up or something equally rude you can suffer consequences.

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love heals all sorrows

big time

ever since day 1

he attacked before so

Who spammed my email account by trying to use my Apple ID to access my iCloud account, this evening???..??? I’ve got like 15 plus emails…!!!
Is this site SAFE???

understanding of the person is key


Why should I understand ppl when they are constantly on my case and constantly following me. Like f off.

Yes this site is safe. We can’t even see your email. So whatever happened didn’t come from here.

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Does a bear ■■■■ in the woods?


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This whole farce has gotten tedious…

On another tip: Acacia Motel check it out cool flick mon


Yea Idk if I deeply love anyone.

Maybe my dad.

I think I kind of understand him.

He’s pretty amazing cos he is in his 70s and works so hard.

Idk if I understand him though.

But idk if anyone deeply loves me so idk if I love anyone deeply

Will do! Is it a horror movie?

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Yep, and pretty good too, an interesting approach I haven’t seen before, I’ll probably download it myself

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