Deepen the moats

I’m in a strange place and feeling lost trapped cornered and disconnected. I’ve no place in this world so I must create my own habitation that no one can usurp or negate. They found it once, I must dig deeper, and fortify with incanted barriers hidden amongst the filth. Intruders beware, the extruders are aware and navigation is rational but does not care. Alone I’ll populate this void with millions, my minions, and to me they beseech for I know them well and each individual knows that I know what they’ve got to show, for instance the non melting snow how it glistens even does glow like my eyes the moment I realize I’m not alive


You should write a book.

It would seem you have a good vocabulary.


I used to love digging moats at the beach around sandcastles and waiting for the tide to come in :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ve wanted to write lots of books or stories that come about in my reckless abandon… But I lose the motivation, I think people won’t read or like it so I end up just saying “well, I guess not”

Yeah, slowed the crumble of the castle, neat to watch too as they filled

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Nah man you just want impact. Inspiration trumps motivation. Creativity isn’t something you can just grind out.

Throw your ideas my way(I won’t steal them).

I might be able to help you see your own genius.

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You can check out the others I’ve posted in creativity section(I thought I did this one)