Deepak Chopra: The 150 million dollar man

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Wow how is he worth so much. An owner of a corner store says spiritual men are not all about the money. It’s impossible. He met 50 cent and he studied the Buddha. He said 50 cent is no buddha because he’s a business man.

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Yeah I liked oshos books too. Maybe the guy at the corner store was wrong. You can be a great spiritual teacher. And profit off of it. But that wouldn’t be living by your principal. Alan watts wasn’t incredibly rich but was an alcoholic. Didn’t necessarily live by his principles

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More like one of the greatest conman lol


Why not write a book called,”How to make money.” That would be more true.


All ■■■■■■■ crooks if you ask me.
Damn hypocritical


I will make a book called

“1 dollar 2 dollar” ~ how to build a ponzi with Dr. Sir Level


I will produce a documentary film called, you buy this and I’ll be rich but life will bless you in untold ways in return.

Scene 1:

A spiritual man blows his horn for a half hour.

Scene two:

A poor widow pays him $20 to stop and he said bless you my sister.

Scene three:

Loops back to scene one and two.


Yeah, but is he bionic?

I have probably read about seven books of Deepak Chopra.

Good stuff!

Very interesting.

I own some of his books so might read them again.

I was interested in seeing a Ayurvedic dr but i think it’s expensive and difficult to find.
Now I rather a vegan psychiatrist and they do exist but there’s not many in world n expensive .

I don’t see a psychiatrist at moment just Gp.

I will pay an immense price for this documentary good sir


That’s very funny :joy:

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