Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Effective in Treating OCD, Study Suggests


when i was at an info session for tms they talked about that. basically they expose you to your ocd issues during the treatment

The efficacy of TMS right now is a complete joke. The next step is MRI-guided TMS. Targeted non-invasive brain stimulation will eventually happen, and it’ll be comparably effective as say botox or fillers for comparably psychiatric performance enhancing indications (mild depression in the severely narcissistic, mild alcoholism etc.)

I’m frankly shocked by how much people are paying for ineffective garbage like TMS out of pocket. They’d rather sit in a hairdrier than doing something that’s actually effective like 6 months of DBT. Why isn’t insurance reimbursing enough for that again? Be that as it may, the field is still gonna become dermatology.

Ive done cbt , dbt, act, for months and months it only helps force perpetual motion in getting things going and dealing with certain thoughts/actions, but as soon as you stop applying it then its easy to fall back into doing nothing.

there really is no perfect treatment. med/ therapy whatever its a combination of it.

i actually was able to get referred to a university for rTMS and its free on going for all the initial sessions and maintenance.

im massively skeptical by nature of most things, and have my doubts about it, but i just did my 9 and 10th session and it definitely is starting to work. It doesnt last very long so far but honestly even a small break from hell is amazing progress for me :blush: