Deep thoughts

What if a rabbit picked up a stick and the stick broke.

What if a rock laughed when a stream was running over it…and it tickled it.

What if somebody(it’s a girl by the way) drank a softer drink, and it was water…but it took her a couple of minutes…to figure out it was water.

What if somebody(it’s a girl, again) bought a can of coke and it was filled with rocks, and she drank it anyways.

What if somebody(it’s a girl again) picked up a stick and looked at it.

I wonder how a wheel rolls?

I wonder how a tree thinks.

I wonder, what if a cloud was the color red.

I wonder, if I wondered about nothing.

I wonder, what a girl thinks if she is attracted to a guy.

I wonder what a telephone poll thinks.

What if a rock and a stick got into a fight.

What if a boxer won a fight in .02 seconds, I’m serious(by the way it’s girl again)

What if moses and jesus got into a fight about parting the red sea.

This is funny, are you laughing…I hope so. I’m trying

What if a cloud rained rocks.

What??? 666/999

answer…Thank you

I didn’t understand any of your “jokes”

I understand…151112

What did you say???

What if I looked down and then I looked up.


Do you remember Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey on Saturday Night Live? :joy:

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