Deep Depression Today

I threw away all my razors today, my mind is confused, my thoughts are jumbled but not all the time, only when I am tired. I think I do things, and then I check, and it was never done. Has anyone ever had dreams while they are still awake? I threw away the razors not because of my depression but because I thought I might swallow a blade again. Last night was sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette with my eyes closed, and I remember swallowing a razor blade, but I know I could not have done it, because when I opened my eyes, he was still sitting there as though nothing happened. I feel extremely tired, I am sleeping more than usual, and when I wake I do not know if it is day or night. Voices are not any worse, just that my thoughts are weird, hard to explain .I do not know what is causing this weirdness, but I sure hope it does not get any worse.

hope you feel better soon kittykat

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Are you in the US? Winter is hitting hard this year and everyone has been grouchy.
Exercise might help chase away some of that. Its hard to go out when its only 10 degrees outside–but bundle up and take a brisk walk for a few minutes, then come back in and reward yourself with hot cocoa.


Try to distract yourself from suicidal ideation. Do you have any friends or family you can confide in? Look for outside help. Sometimes we all go through a dark period. We’re all pulling for you.

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I’ve hit a low point right now as well. Hopefully we will both come out of this.

What are you doing with your medicines?

I realized I was flirting with suicidal behavior this morning and had a wake up meeting with myself on what I need to do. I figured out that I am miserable because I am addicted. I feel better now and hope you do the same as well soon !!

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@Kittycat,sorry to hear that,you did a good job by throwing away those razors to prevent you from harming yourself,I thought it was a good move…I also hope your depression will go away soon,have you thought of visiting your psychiatrist or psychologist?

Sorry to hear you are feeling so depressed, I am going through a bad patch too, so I feel for you. Hope you feel better soon! :sunny:

Take your medicines regularly and do discuss these dream like states with your doctor please. As early as you could. They don’t seem right to me. Have someone with you if you’d fear of falling in depression again.

I hope you feel better soon. Please keep us updated and feel free to post when you feel like posting your thoughts.

Sorry you hit this and I do hope you feel better soon.

I hope you feel better soon @Kittycat - Please do not hesitate to call your pdoc if things get out of control