Decreased capacitys in sz, is that true?

do you feel like your capacitys for succes and progres are decreased? i often do things relatively fine but i got to a point and cant progress… or its my selfesteam who is more in trouble? i dont know where the haldol will get me… probably the trick is to be positive :).

yeah, i have no patience also,it doesnt help for doing things and be successfull :(.

What is “success”? “Success” to me is making it into a form of afterlife. I’ll participate in this world, but I don’t need to be on top of it.

If I die and come back to life - getting back my sensory awareness & energy - that to me is “success”. I don’t care for nor have any expectations about myself in this world. I’ll participate as much as I can as a disabled citizen and that is that. My disorder is mostly physically draining, otherwise I would be trying to earn a job, secure a home, and playing “the game”.