Decorate my home for Christmas or staring into the pit?

There is no meaning to anything anywhere, and no coherence behind the things, but don’t worry, this is written mostly to amuse myself - amusement, perhaps the only thing we got left?
A distraction for the knowledge that there is no substance behind our actions. Behind our actions lies emptiness, and I wish I could live in the illusion of giving value to things, but sadly I got a mental illness that gives me an unwanted ability to stare into the pit of nothingness. I would rather decorate my home for Christmas and bake cookies. LOL :grin: :blush: :slightly_smiling_face: :smiley:


Have you read any Krishnamurti?

He mentions that most people are looking for means to escape themselves. He professes that the silence is key to understanding yourself. Everything else is a means to distract themselves from themselves.

You seem to be staring into the abyss and instead of seeing love, you just see darkness.

I hope you can turn it around. :slight_smile:

If you consider it a choice of staring at the pit and decoration? I’d choose decoration in the hope you could feel some momentary joy. :christmas_tree:

The pit of nothingness is an illusion in the greater illusion of your existence. You are the perception of millions of small cells - just an illusion they create to keep the energy coming in and the waste going out. When the illusion ends there isnt nothingness- there is just no illusion, everything that is still is.

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my mum always decorates the home for christmas… i don’t mind it =D

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